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We have designed our data conversion services with an aim to help you improve the usability and accessibility of your data and information. We are experts in converting complex content from any format to any format tailored to discriminating clients spanning all industries. Our expert project management, engineering, and production teams are available to support your custom conversion needs, regardless of the level of complexity or the volume of data. Our automated and scalable production process, combined with our consistently superior service and quality assurance, guarantees that each document is converted reliably and on time.

GHIT Data Conversion Objectives
  • Aggregate and organize your data
  • Digitize your data and documents
  • Prevent data loss and store data in operational format
  • Eliminate unnecessary data
  • Benefit from reverse engineering of data
  • Easily access data and comprehend important information
  • Improve the reusability of data
  • Utilize data for research and other purposes

GHIT Document Conversion Services
  • PDF conversion services
  • XML conversion services
  • Document digitizing services – from paper (hard copy) through scanning or Scanned images
  • Book conversion services – HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable pdf and MS Word formats, Word RTF files
  • Word formatting services
  • HTML conversion services
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Document conversion services
  • File format conversion services
  • Data conversion services

Other Field Of Expertises
  • Converting Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker documents into XML, SGML, HTML and OeB documents
  • FTP, CD and DVD media format conversion services
  • Data vectorization services
  • Data harmonization
  • Microfiche conversion services
  • Image format conversion services