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Our entire digitization process is driven by an automated workflow system designed and built by GHIT specifically for document digitization. This workflow system will facilitate your digitization project, supporting all necessary administrative responsibilities through both manual and automated tasks. The system facilitates image enhancement, metadata creation, optical character recognition, and custom formatting of output for database ingestion. Following most stages in the process, GHIT staff confirm the quality of the output from one process and insert into the other. If the output quality meets the pre-defined requirements, the process advances onto the next level. Otherwise, it returns to the previous stage to be revised. The appliance of the custom validation software is then performed to ensure that the format and structure comply with the strict standards set by the client and GHIT.

The automated system directs each image through the series of programmed and manual tasks which gradually deliver the output. Corresponding to our efficient automated process, we are capable of delivering high volume of perfectly composed data.

We Do The Following Data Processing Services:

  • Data Formatting and Cleansing
  • Data Validation
  • Data Aggregation

  • Data Summarization
  • Data analysis