OCR Data Capture

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OCR data entry mostly referred to as a way to automate data entry tasks. Most OCR solutions are intended for capturing full text of a document and to produce a Word or an Excel file as a result. It can also be thought of as the manual data entry process which either verifies the scanned data for accuracy or extracts it for further usage. OCR data entry is another major part of a conversion process involving scanning of paper documents, OCR conversion of images to text, then validating the results with manual data entry or verifying the accuracy level of the OCR software for final keying.

GHIT produces distinctive OCR software for automated data entry process by the utilization of modern methodology. Our internal OCR data capture software development project including:

  • Optical mark reader (OMR)
  • Optical character reader (OCR)

  • Intelligent character ┬áreader (ICR)